Welcome to the Brown Page

The world-famous Hunters Bog Trotters can be found training every Thursday, 7pm at the east end of the Meadows, by the playground.
Refreshment afterwards is usually in the Blue Blazer on Spittal Street.

The Blue Blazer


Captain:  Cat Magill, captain@huntersbogtrotters.com
SS Captain:  Mickey G, subservient@huntersbogtrotters.com
Secretary:  Robin YP Thomas, secretary@huntersbogtrotters.com
Chancellor:  Ivor Normand, chancellor@huntersbogtrotters.com
Disorganiser:  Wade Cormack, disorganiser@huntersbogtrotters.com
Trotsman Editors:  James Rogers and Andy Cummings, editor@huntersbogtrotters.com
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