GP & DC 2016

Welcome to the HBT Grand Prix & Drinking Challenge 2016

Log Your RLF's

The 2016 Grand Prix kicks off on Saturday 14 May, and finishes when you've finished your pints (see over...)
The points are awarded as follows:
1 point for completing a whole race in brown (1 mile or over), bonus point for a second (or third) race of the day

1 point for a pint after the race (and before your next race if frequent-flying) in the company of a fellow racer (HBT or otherwise), or giving a participating Trotter a lift to or from the race

1 point for HBT being biggest or equal-biggest club among official finishers

No points for PB's. It's just elitism, and we hate it.

1 point for every 10km above a 10km race. Don't think too hard about it - just complete the distance question accurately and we'll do the rest

1 point for climbing the equivalent of a Munro -  3000ft (914m), 2 points for 6000ft, 3 points for 9000ft, 4 points for 12000ft

1 point for being Green and also putting a bit of effort into getting to a race (run > 5 miles, bike > 10, public transport > 20miles/40mins)

Double Points will be called:

  • Ahead of 'Captain's Choice' Races, which he will announce ahead of time. A bonus point will be awarded to the final trotter home in these races.
  • For 48 hours to celebrate the birth of Trotter Babies. For this to work births must be announced on the HBT wide email by the mother or father in question, relative, priest, MSP, Brain Surgeon or politiburo official.
Double points will be applied by qualified administrative staff. You don't need to do anything apart from get racing.

Log where you RLF'd using the following form:


Log Your DLF's

The 2016 Drinking Challenge kicks off at the same time at the GP, and will close the GP once 3600 pints have been quaffed.
Normal rules apply:

1. It's about Social Drinking, so not the beers you get through at home.
2. Only Pints drunk by Trotters count. So if you're at a pub, and only 50% of the beer drunk is by a proud owner of a brown vest, then only log half the pints.

3. Bottles: Some races give you bottles of beer after a race, or make them available for a small fee. You can log these. If you are sneaking the GP point in with a bottle you've stashed in the kit bag, that's ok too. 
Sometimes you get caught short in a posh bar or the like, where the stuff on tap doesn't meet your prerequisites. Get a bottle - don't degrade yourself. But do log it.

To make it easier, you can log up to 10 pints in one go, and include yourself and other Trotters in your submission.
Log your DLF's using the following form:

HBT Drinking Challenge