Twelve Days of Trotsmas 2018

The Trotter Xmas tree is up, but has all the wrong colours of baubles - OFN - how do we fix this?

And so the story goes...

On the first day of Trotsmas, a trotter once told me "go drink a pint in the pub"
On the second day of Trotsmas, a trotter once told me "find another trotter and both drink in the pub"


The story continued to the twelfth day, where lots of pints had then been drunk, and as if by magic, each day, more and more baubles had turned brown, as more and more trotters drank together in the pub.

The moral of the story - Beer is the answer - Merry Trotsmas everyone!

Challenge Rule - 
On each day of December, up to 12 December, the number of trotters drinking in the same pub must equal the day of the month in order to light up the tree brown.  I.e on the 6th day of Trotsmas, once 6 Trotters have had a pint in the same pub, the lights for the 6th day will change into glorious brown.