Drinking Challenge 2017


For every pint that you log on the drinking challenge spreadsheet you will be awarded a point assuming it meets the following conditions:

  1. That pint must be a pint of something that starts with that day's letter. For example - Day 1 is A, Day 2 is B so you can drink Abbot Ale (brewed by Green King) on Day 1 and you can drink Big Mouth Pale Ale (brewed by Hop City) on Day 2 etc etc
  2. The beer must be bought and drunk in a pub
  3. Solo drinking (or drinking without trotters) is eligible
  4. Thursdays are Specials! You get points for drinking any pint that served in the pub which we are drinking in that day. The alphabet rule does not apply on Thursday and they are "frozen" So if Wednesday is C then Friday is D.
  5. The pint is drunk between 1st May and 31st May
  6. There is a point per unique beer. No extra point if you drink the same beer twice or more. We do not encourage heavy drinking without purpose.
  7. 1 additional point for first to log each unique beer.
  8. 1 additional point for strongest qualifying beer of day.
  9. 1 additional point for weakest qualifying beer of day.
  10. It must be real ale.