GP 2014

Welcome to the HBT Grand Prix 2014

The 2014 Grand Prix kicks off with the Black Rock 5 on Friday 13th June, and finishes with the Club Handicap on Saturday 26th July.
The points are awarded as follows:
1 point for a race in brown (1 mile or over), bonus point for a second (or third) race of the day
1 point for a pint after the race, or giving someone else a lift to or from the race
1 point for HBT being biggest club
1 point for a personal best (as measured by distance on standard distances or course for hill races).  
    If it's the first time you've raced the distance/course it's a personal first/personal only, not a personal best.  
    However, it does line you up for future years' Grand Prix.
1 point for half marathon distance and above, 2 points for marathon distance and 3 points for ultra distance
1 point for climbing the equivalent of a munro -  3000ft (914m), 2 points for 6000ft and 3 points for 9000ft+

Double points are awarded for the following races:

Friday 13th June – Black Rock 5 (HBT Event)
Wednesday 18th June – Red Moss Kips Race (HBT Event)
Saturday 28th June – Dollar Hill Race
Saturday 5th July 2014 – Harris Half Marathon
Wednesday 9th July – Maddy Moss Hill Race
Tuesday 15th July 2014 – Moffatt 15km
Saturday 26th July – HBT AGM Handicap

Log where you RLF'd using the following form:

HBT GP 2014