Grand Prix 2017

Da Rules, GP 2017:

You don’t have to memorise this lot, or even know how it works. Just log the facts for each race you run, and your points will be calculated magically.

  1. 1 point for running a complete race of 1 mile or more, wearing brown on the outside, for HBT. The running component of a multi-sport race will count, as long as you’re doing it in brown for HBT.    0 points otherwise. Fulfilment of rule 1 entitles you to score many more points per race, viz.:
  2. 1 extra point ("frequent flier") for your 2nd qualifying race of the day; and 1 more for your 3rd, etc.
  3. 1 point for driving at least 1 participating Trotter to the race, or for fostering runnerly camaraderie by drinking a complete pint (or 500ml bottle) of ale after the race with at least 1 other participating runner (Trotter or not) who also drinks a complete pint/bottle. Pint before your next race of the day (not saving all pints until the evening). The spirit of this rule has endured since the very first HBT GP in 2002.
  4. 1 extra point if HBT are the biggest or equal-biggest club in the race’s official results.
  5. 1 point for an all-time PB at a recognised distance or in any race with a course record. If it’s your first run at that race or distance, that’s not a PB. If you beat your previous effort(s) at that race or distance, then that’s a PB.
  6. 1 point per complete 10km in a race. That is: up to 9.999km = 0 points; 10k+ = 1 point; 20k+ (e.g. half-marathon) = 2 points; marathon = 4 points; and completing the WHW Race (152km) = 15 distance points.
  7. 1 point per complete 3,000 feet (914m) of total ascent in the race (see SHRunning/Racing for ascent stats).
  • No ”green” points this year for reaching races by non-car means. Just bask in green kudos if you walk, run, cycle or take a train or a direct bus to a race, or even if you hitch a lift. But double-point races/days are back. More rules:
  • Double points for HBT-organised races: Red Moss Kips Race (Wed 21 June); Black Rock "5" (Fri 23 June); Allermuir Gallop (Thurs 6 July). All are outside the Edinburgh City Bypass on different days of the week.
  • Double points for any races run on Saturday 3 June or on Saturday 15 July, which each have at least 10 races to choose from. That should get you off to a flying start and a storming finish, even if you’re race-compromised for some of the GP’s duration.