Grand Prix 2019

This years Grand Prix kicks off Wednesday the 17th July, and finishes when the first pint is sipped at the AGM(in the pub) so we can kick off celebrations for the winner!

Da rules are as follows:-
  1. 3 points for running a complete race of 1 mile or more, wearing brown on the outside, for HBT. The running component of a multi-sport race will count, as long as you’re doing it in brown for HBT.    0 points otherwise. Fulfilment of rule 1 entitles you to score many more points per race.
  2. 1 extra point ("frequent flier") for your 2nd qualifying race of the day; and 1 more for your 3rd, etc.
  3. 1 point per complete 10km in a race. That is: up to 9.999km = 0 points; 10k+ = 1 point; 20k+ (e.g. half-marathon) = 2 points; marathon = 4 points; and completing the WHW Race (152km) = 15 distance points.
  4. 1 point for driving at least 1 participating Trotter to the race, or for fostering runnerly camaraderie by drinking a complete pint (or 500ml bottle) of ale after the race with at least 1 other participating runner (Trotter or not) who also drinks a complete pint/bottle. Pint before your next race of the day (not saving all pints until the evening). The spirit of this rule has endured since the very first HBT GP in 2002.
  5. 1 point for an all-time PB at a recognised distance or in any race with a course record. If it’s your first run at that race or distance, that’s not a PB. If you beat your previous effort(s) at that race or distance, then that’s a PB.
  6. 1 point for the best race report of the day
  7. Double points for all races on Wednesday 17th July and Saturday the 17th August.
  8. Double points for participating in the 7 Hills and 7 Beers Race/challenge on Saturday 27th July - starting on Calton Hill around 2pm. 

HBT Grand Prix 2019